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Hi! How are you? Today on my blog I talk about a topic that we women really like, even shopping online! With the change of season we have to renovate the wardrobe and FashionMe offers us a very large selection of clothing, beautiful and special at very small prices. It 'a site that I recently discovered on which I'm finding many ideas and ideas for my new outfits for autumn and winter. The site is very easy to use, there are several categories on which to find the piece of clothing you are looking for. Browsing the site I found that there are free shipping at 59 euros and if you are ordering your clothing for the first time there is a further and new discount of 10%. Also I find that the payment methods are very safe indeed it is possible to rely on different cards known as visa and mastercard always paying securely with paypal. But let's discover together what the leaders I liked the most. I want to make you a whislist where I show you what I want to have from this site.

From the women's fashion knitwear we find as many as 220 products and clothing items to choose from. The models are different and special for a t-shirt or a particular cardigan always fashionable. Let's see together those that I liked the most.

Casual Snap Front Print Cardigans

I immediately liked this long-ankle cardigan with a floral pattern. I find it perfect for the autumn season when the first fresh ones are already heard. The print is very delicate on a dark background. Available in 4 colors, blue, coffee color, black and pink. My favorite is the color coffee, I find it autumnal and really beautiful. The sizes available are M, L, XL, 2XL up to 3XL. A cardigan so that is for all sizes and at a super low cost price

Another category that I liked so much is this   cute womens cardigans .
Here we find 110 items to stay warm with cardigans and heavier sweaters.

Round Neck Beading Sequins Long Sleeve Sweaters

I love this heavy sweater! I love it. Available on the site in two colors in gray and green, certainly gray is my favorite. A heavy sweater with applications on the neck and sleeves that give a lot of brightness to the face and embellish the sweater. Perfect with a denim outfit as we see it in the picture. The sizes available are S, M, XL.
Did you like the items I selected? Visit the site to discover new ones.

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