giovedì 11 giugno 2020


Hi girls! Today on my blog I am talking about a very particular online shop, it is Feelingirls

and offers articles designed for women who play sports.
In particular I want to show you some categories here is the first one women waist trainer. Is s very 
beautiful product.
In this category we find several belts designed to lose centimeters in a point dear to us women, that of the waist. We all dream of a narrower and slimmer waistline, thanks to these devices it is possible! I'll show you an example of this particular product:

Here is the band I was talking to you about. It is an article designed for those who want to get back in shape and have a slimmer waist. Available in two colors, pink or black. It is available in many sizes from S to 6XL. A great special discount is now available.

Another very similar product but with the same effect is certainly this double belt waist trainer. Is fantastic!
Unlike the other, it has the particularity of having epaulettes. If the former is simply a double velcro band, it rests on the shoulders for a more stable hold. It is designed for the most curvy women but excellent for anyone. Also available this model from S to 6XL

for more comfort. In price it is special because it is 50% right now.

You can also find modeling sleeves on this shop, I put the direct link below best bodysuit shapewear and
in particular here is a very interesting model

This sheath available from S to 3XL allows you to resize and slim your body making it more compact and firm. Very useful to wear under a dress to enhance your shapes. I liked this shop so much because all the centimeters of the items are detailed in order to choose the right size, in addition, there are reviews directly from those who bought. Great I'd say! Visit the shop for more information.