sabato 25 febbraio 2017


Hello followers! On my blog today I speak of a really interesting site that offers plenty of clothes for every occasion: Stylewe.

Online shop with many beautiful dresses dedicated to different types of occasion: for a party, for the holidays, for sportier people. In this post today I want to show you two different categories of clothes designed for the woman who always wants to be at their best during the most beautiful holidays!

"short party dresses" And 'the right category that allows us to find wonderful clothes. There some monster, the ones I liked best, but the choice was very difficult because they are all beautiful !!

A very elegant and feminine dress in cotton with embroidered floral details. A short dress, which comes over the knee of a beautiful blue color. Ideal for a cocktail party and also for the beautiful spring days that are coming. One great outfit for her beauty!

Another vintage dress but by characteristics but also romantic is certainly this:

A very romantic dress, place and chiffon. It has a relaxed fit on the hips and lace that covers the bodice. The sleeves come to the elbow and are also these lace. A romantic dress very feminine but at the same time as he discovers his legs. Very beautifull!

I enjoy these two dresses that I have proposed? To me very much. I also want to tell you about another category of the site where you can find such beautiful clothes. It is "crochet bikini top"

The pastel colors are predominated for this dress floral. This dress is really a dream, it is my absolute favorite! Short, with wide sleeves and very chic. I find it perfect for spring, for an outdoor party or even a wedding. StyleWe offers extraordinary clothes, visit their site to find out all of their models, many beautiful and waiting for you!

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