giovedì 16 maggio 2019

human hair wigs

Processing wig is not the same way as you would curl any type of real hair.Real 100 percent human hair wigs have many advantages than synthetic hair wigs.they not only look very natural, but they are also very easy to style.Their are lots of lace wigs buyers don't know,however,that you cannot curl your human hair wigs the same way as you would curl any type of real human hair on head.There are a number of different things that you should know about curly human hair wigs.
Only use a wire wig brush on the human hair wigs.A pick is also acceptable to use.Regular brushes and combs should not be used to brush the wig,under any circumstances. Although this does not sound very important,it is necessary for keeping your human hair wig in the best condition.
Gently brush the human hair wigs.If there are any tangles in the wig,do not rip the brush through the hair to get them out.Begin at the bottom of the hair,and gently work them out of the wig as you move up.When you are rough with a human hair wig, the hair will be much more likely to fall out.

Use hot rollers,a curling iron,or a flat iron to curl the hair.When you use hot styling tools to curl the hair, it's important to make sure that you do not have the heat setting up too high. It's also important to make sure that you are very gentle when you use these styling tools.Yanking them through the hair will cause the hair to fall out.
Hold the curls in place with wig spray.Since it is human hair,you can also use hair spray that is designed for human hair.When using either of these sprays on human hair wigs,it's important to never apply too much.
Wash human hair wigs on occasion.It's important to avoid washing any human hair lace wigs every day.But in order to get rid of any hair products that you use to hold the curls in place on the human hair wig you should wash it about every six to ten days.Wash human hair wig with wig shampoo and rinse in cool water. Then, repeat the process with wig conditioner you'll get your desired style.

Clip in extensions

Once you've already bought yourself a set of extensions, it's important to properly take care of them to make sure that they'll stay natural, smooth, and shiny just like the first time you've worn them. We all know that this type of extension lasts longer than other types of extensions, mainly because clip-ins can be removed anytime you want. That is, of course, if they're given proper attention and care. We will give you some tips on how to maintain and restore your clip-ins' natural moisture and shine.
Wash your extensions.
Clip in extensions don't receive any nourishment from the natural oils coming from our scalp just like our real hair do. That's why it's highly recommended that you wash them as rarely as possible. Whenever you feel that it really needs to get cleaned, make sure you wash them properly because some hair fibers may fall out if you let your extensions get really greasy.
Wash them as gently as possible by soaking them in lukewarm water on a small basin. Use the appropriate shampoo for hair extensions and apply it by rubbing it down your extension. Scrubbing it will make it tangled.
Dry them.
To keep them looking in good condition, it is best to avoid blow-drying them as heat will just cause damage. It is recommended to air-dry your extensions in order to extend their lifespan. Make sure that your extensions are not tangled in the drying process.
Combing and conditioning
Usually, combing your hair while it's wet is not really advisable because it's more vulnerable and can be damaged easily. But since you need to get them untangled and straight when drying, you have to gently brush them using a wide tooth comb. Whenever your extensions are looking dry, be sure to moisturize them. Just apply a small amount of conditioner to keep it looking shiny and healthy.
When styling
Many hairstyles require heat, which can cause damage to your real hair and extensions. However, you can lessen the damage by styling them when they're completely dry. Just remember to NEVER blow-dry them.
Proper storage
After using your clip-ins, be sure to store them properly before going to bed. Don't just remove them from your head and leave them inside a drawer. Find a good container, or if you don't have one, buy a hair extension from hair vendors case. Always make sure that they are tangle-free and clean. Store them in a dry place away from heat or cold.
Never sleep on them.
Feel tired coming home late from an occasion or work that you want to sleep already? Oh, wait. You still have your clip-ins on. What should you do? Well, it's obvious. Wake yourself up and take time to properly remove them. It's worth the effort if you don't want any unwanted damage to your real hair when you wake up in the morning.
Clip-in extensions lasts longer than any other type of extension because you don't have them installed on you the whole day. Using them properly will not cause any damage to your real hair but sleeping with them on is just being careless.
So there you have it! Now that you know how to take proper care with your extensions, go and make them last long.

lunedì 29 aprile 2019

Freedom Silk

Ciao followers! Oggi sul mio blog vi parlo di uno shop online davvero interessante: FreedomSilk.
Shop online che propone diversi capi in pura seta al 100%. Un sito davvero interessante dove è possibile trovare, diviso in categorie, pigiamo donna, uomo, biancheria e tantissimo altro tutto sempre in pura seta. In modo particolare voglio focalizzare l'attenzione su questo post su una cateria specifica: SilkPillowCase dove è possibile trovare dei meravigliosi cuscini. Ve ne mostro alcuni per farvi capire di cosa sto scrivendo.

Momme Queen Size Lace-up Silk Travel Pillow Cover

E' una meravigliosa federa in seta 100% con lacci e disponibile in tantissimi e diversi colori, perfetta per ricoprire i cuscini in modo elegante e raffinato, ma sopratutto con un prodotto di alta qualità.

Oltre a questa categoria di cui vi ho parlato, trovate anche quella dei set, in particolare qui silk bed set/

22 Momme Seamless Silk Bedding Set è un set  spettacolare che comprende diverse tipologie di set tutte pensate per voi:

Balze, lenzuola, cuscini... tutti in pura seta 100%, un sogno che diventa realtà. Disponibile in diversi colori come il bianco candido, il rosa oppure l'audace nero.
E come non pensare ad un bel pigiama in pura seta con un letto cos speciale? Vi basta andare alla categoria specifica qui Silk Pajamas per coccolarvi con un pigiama che vi lascerà stupiti al tatto con la pelle Vediamone qualcuno.

19 Momme Classic Silk Pajama Set For Women

Raffinato ed elegante questo pigiama bianco candito con perfili in nero. Ha un tascino e un colletto particolare. Disponibile dalla XS alla 3XLL in diversi colori.
Trovo speciale anche questo modello che è molto ricercato e di moda.

2019 New 19 Momme Striped Floral Silk Pajama Set

A righe larghe bianche e nere su cui sono stampate dei bellissimi fiori. Disponibile dalla XS alla XL. Un pigiama veramente speciale che al tatto con la pelle diventa piacevole e confortevole. Vi invito a visitare il sito shop cui potete trovare tantissimi capi speciali in seta 100%